The studies in our center allow to realise the tests of access to the Conservatory, for any degree. When finalizing the elementary degree or the professional (old average degree) with us we issued a certificate of this degree.

Annually, in the Official Conservatories, tests of access for the different degrees, obligatory are realised for all the alumnos/as, come from where they come, (including the official students of such conservatories, that they also must realise this test).

From the year in which the tests began, they have obtained this access the practical totality of our presented students, securing number one in different specialties (violin, cello, guitar, piano, flute of travesera, etc).

Passed the test of access to the professional degree, or the superior, the studies realised in our Center are valid to all the effects.

To the students who do not wish to realise the test of access to the conservatory, the Experimental School of Music issues the Certificate to them of the studied Degrees in our center.



Elementary degree Certificate To realise the test of access to the Professional Degree in Conservatory
Professional degree Certificate To realise the test of access to the Degree Superior in Conservatory
Degree Superior Only the Conservatories SUPERIORS they are qualified to send degree