If it wishes to consult his professional trajectory, it beats on each of them to obtain more data:
Eyrie Paris, Eduardo (Guitar)

Eduardo Aguilera
Eduardo Aguilera Par­s, eclectic of formation, studies classic guitar with Luis Illescas, flamenco guitar with Jos© Antonio Rodr­guez and modern guitar (jazz, blues, rock, MGP€¦) in the Factory deMºsicos of Madrid (acoustic guitar, electrical and synthesized). It has in his salary a experience of more than 10 years as professor of guitar in the Experimental Academy of Music, and 3 years as training of professors in the C.E.P of all Spain and as collaborator in some Masters, contributing instruments to improve the pedagogical act

It completes his formation investigating formal, harmonic, melodic and rythmical systems of very varied origin: Hindu rythmical system, resources of the contemporary jazz, resources of the contemporary composition (Bartok, Messiaen€¦), etc. Also develops own systems to apply to the composition and the improvisation in guitar.

One specializes in individualizing the class according to the student for demands of different nature. From preparation to the conservatory, classes of support in diverse styles€¦ to more complex needs as entering themselves or improving in the Composition in any style, Improvisation in any style adapted to the needs and level of the student, to begin or to improve in another style to fuse it with the own one, search of an own sound through increasing the technical resources in a personal line€¦ etc.

Alc¡ntara Espadafor, Estefan­a (Musical Language)
It is born in Granada, where it initiates his musical studies of piano and musical language to the 8 years of age in the Victoria Eugenia Conservatory. It obtains the Professional Title of Piano in the ngel Barrios Conservatory in course 2004-2005.
Also it is licensed in Musicology and History of the Art by the University of Granada, where it at the moment attends studies of Doctorate in the program of History and Sciences of Music.
During these years it as much realises advanced officer training courses of piano (Juan Jos© P©rez Torrecillas, Patricia Montero), during the Days of Eduardo of the Puello, as of musical analysis (Yvan Nommick, Benet Casablancas, Francesc Cortes), harmony (Jan D'Haene), musical investigation (Emilio Ros-F¡bregas, Juan Jos© Carreras, Mar­a Gembero, Tim Carter, Craig Russell and Juan Jos© Rey, among others) and choral song (Harry Cristophers, Peter Phillips, Kym Amps, David van Asch, Vasco Negreiros, Mart­n Schmidt).
Its educational experience includes matters as musical language, harmony, musical analysis and piano.
It owns an ample experience in the field of the choral song, belonging to diverse groupings from 1996 (Coral Ciudad of Granada and Tom¡s Luis de Victoria Choir, among others); from June of 2006 it comprises of the group of the Choir of the OCG, within the cord of sopranos.
To unload Est©vez, Beatriz to you (Guitar)

It is born in Motril and it initiates his studies of guitar and musical language in the school of music of this city. The professional degree in the C.P.M begins. Antonio Lorenzo of the hand of its professor of Rafael L³pez Serrano guitar. This period finishes obtaining excellent in its qualifications.

In 2014 it touches as soloist with the orchestra of cord of the conservatory of Motril a concert of Vivaldi.  In the year of 2016 it acts as soloist in the orchestra of guitars of the C.P.M. Antonio Lorenzo altogether with the one of the conservatory of Poitiers (France) during project ERASMUS.

Superior of music in the R.C.S.M accedes to the degree. Victoria Eugenia de Granada in course 2016/2017, under the trusteeship of Gloria Mar­a Medina Luque. In 2017 he participates in the organization and action of a didactic concert realised in the audience of the conservatory for numerous schools of Granada.

In addition, he has realised numerous recites to them in the Calderon de la Barca theater (Motril), in the House Countess Torre-Isabel (Motril), in the Hernandez-Quero museum (Motril), in the patio of the National University of remote Education, in Small farm loan bank of Granada, Real Hospital collaborating with the orchestra of the U.G.R., etc.

He has realised advanced officer training courses in diverse musical scopes with figures as Leo Brouwer and Margarita Lorenzo de Reiz¡bal.

He owns an ample experience in the field of the choral song, belonging to diverse groupings from 1996 (Coral Ciudad of Granada and Tom¡s Luis de Victoria Choir, among others); from June of 2006 he comprises of the group of the Choir of the OCG, within the cord of sopranos.
Amirkanian, Tamara (Violin)

It is born in Saint Petersburg and it initiates his musical preparation at the age of 5 years in the Conservatory of this city in the violin class of prestigious university professor M. Segal. At the age of 10 years it gives his first concerts in public in Moscow, Kiev and Saint Petersburg, interpreting different concerts for violin and orchestra.

At the age of 18 years, after finishing its studies an intense camer­stica artistic activity as much as of soloist begins, forming part of the Group of Camera €œSoloists of Saint Petersburg€.

At the same time it is dedicated to the didactic work, as attached professor in the School of Music of Moscow, having outstanding students. One moves to Spain where he is member of different orchestras as the Orchestra from the Community of Madrid and the Orchestra City of Granada.

Camacho Navarrete, Jorge (Piano)

He is born in Ja©n and he begins his studies of piano in the Professional Conservatory of Music €œAndres Segovia€ of Linares, with professors Juana Mar­a Ruiz and ngel Oca±a obtaining excellent in his final qualifications. In 2013 prize of the I gains 1er Contest of Music of Camera celebrated in this center. Later, €œVictoria Eugenia€ continued its studies in the specialty of interpretation in Real Conservatorio Superior de Mºsica, Granada, under the trusteeship of Miguel ngel Rodr­guez Laiz and Jos© Luis de Miguel Ubago. In May of 2019, prize of XI the Contest of Music of Camera gains 3er, with its L'istesso grouping Trio (travesera flute, clarinet and piano), which follows its activity soloist by cities as Granada, Malaga, Ja©n, Cadiz, C¡ceres, etc.

It has realised advanced officer training courses and pian­stica technique with professors of the size of Javier Herreros, ngel Sanzo, Guillermo Gonz¡lez (Real Conservatorio Superior de Mºsica, Madrid), Tuija Hakkila (Sibelius Academy, Helsinki), Javier Negr­n (Katarina Gurska, Madrid), Gustavo D­az Jerez (Musikene, Vitoria), Daniel Ligorio (Grammar school, Barcelona), etc. Also, has received masterclasses distributed by: Elizabeth Aigner-Monarth (Vienna), Domenico Co dispoti (Italy), Ioanna Stanescu (Romania), Peep Lassman (Estonian), Giuseppe Maiorca (North of Italy), Hui-Yui Tawastjerna (Helsinki) and Daan Vandewalle (Ghent, Belgium). In addition, he completes his formation with courses of music of camera with Andr© Cebri¡n and courses of Alexander Technique with Ainhoa Miranda, Andreas Mehringer and Lauri Angervo.

He has participated in projects as: soloist in the Concert Tribute to Joaqu­n Turina and Ger³nimo Gim©nez, under the baton of Miguel S¡nchez Ruzafa; participant as pianist, next to the Orchestra of the University of Granada and the Young Symphony orchestra of Granada, in the recording of the disc of BSO in the 75 tribute to anniversary of the composer Jos© Nieto. At the moment, he is one of the pianists of the prestigious well-known and world-wide referring company €œPuppets et cetera€, of the Spanish contemporary theater.

He has realised numerous recites in the House Andr©s Segovia Museum to them, Small farm loan bank of Granada, City council of Granada, Theater Infant Leonor in Ja©n, Conservatory of Jesºs Guridi Music de Vitoria. He emphasizes by his ample repertoire, predominating in the impresionist music of Debussy and Ravel, and in contemporary music with his L'istesso group Trio.

Account with a great educational experience as whose main objective is to secure a good postural hygiene, good own technique of every classic period and to obtain the greater musical quality of each student, adapting all this to the profile of the same.

Celdr¡n C¡ceres, Beatriz (Cello and Musical Language)


Beatriz Celdr¡n C¡ceres, is born in Cartagena and realises its studies of music in the specialty deviolonchelo in the Conservatory Superior of Victoria Eugenia de Granada Music, where he completes the degree superior with professors Elena Mar­a Garc­a and Gabriel Delgado.
In parallel he realises studies in the Alonso Cano University of Granada where he realises the first degree of the Degree of Beautiful Arts.

He has received classes of Gary Hoffmann, professor of the University School of Music of Indiana, Asier Polo, professor of the Center Superior of Music of the Basque Country, Lluis Claret, Dennis Parker, Mar­a Casado, Demitri Motatu, Mariano Melguizo€¦ realising courses of musical, orchestral, camer­stica interpretation and soloist in the International Courses Manuel de Falla and the Forum the International of Music of Torrelodones, IV Edition by the University of Nebrija.

He has obtained to the second prize in II the Contest of Camera of the Conservatory Victoria Eugenia de Granada Superior. Finalist in IX the edition of the Contest of Classic Music for young interpreters of the Region of Murcia.

He has participated in concerts as much with soloist orchestra as being member of the Orchestra of the University of Granada. City of Trick as well as in the Festivals of Music and Dance of Granada also collaborates with the Orchestra (FEX).

She has been professor of cello in different centers from year 2009.

Contreras Jover, Aurora (Musical Language and Piano)
Grenadine, obtains the title of professor of piano in the Conservatory Superior of Music €œVictoria Eugenia€ of Granada at the same time as it study of History of the Art in the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Granada. It as much realises advanced officer training courses of piano, as of pian­stica interpretation, musical language, musical initiation and Gregorian song with professors as D. Francisco J. Lara and D. Javier Herreros, among others.
Since pianist has participated in different concerts and different supports with instrumentalist, being its activity as intense accompanying pianist in the last months.

Its pedagogical experience been has directed so much as piano professor, as of musical language, specialty in which is excellent its work with the small ones of musical initiation, having it are professor of this matter in the Municipal School of Music.

She is graduate in teaching by the specialty of Musical Education.

D­az C³zar, Nuria (Clarinet)

Nuria D­azNatural from Andºjar, Ja©n, he obtains the title superior in interpretation of clarinet, in Real Conservatorio Superior de Mºsica €œVictoria Eugenia€ of Granada, studies who realises with professors Francisco Jos© Cant³, Francisco J. Vicedo and Juan Miguel Ortega. These studies arrange them and finalize, along with those of Graduate in Infirmary in the EUCS of Granada, in these last ones specializes in mental, forensic and legal health.

It has been member of diverse orchestras and instrumental groups such as the Symphony orchestra and Band of Real Conservatorio Superior de Mºsica €œVictoria Eugenia€ of Granada, Eduardo Orchestra of the Pueyo, among others.

It realises interpretative specialization courseses with professors of the size of Jos© Luis Estelles, Charles Neidich, Enrique P©rez Piquer, Rocco Parissi, Mart­n Blanes Gisbert, Josep Fuster, Ralph Manno, Andreas Sunden, Barbara Borowicz. It has realised Masterclass in repair of Woodwind instrument with the Luthier Juan Castelar Calvo.

It owns a Masters in Musical Interpretation in the specialty of clarinet realised between the 2013 -2014. She is specialistic College student in Music therapy, in addition to have realised advanced courses in psychomobility. Their studies in Alexander Technique apply them to their development and musical evolution. It has numerous courses of formation, in emotional intelligence and mindfulness, methodologic strategies for the educational one, of mental involution and creativity as well as of design of innovating educative projects with TIC (Technologies of the Information and the Communication), among others.

At the moment one specializes in early Attention and use of the music therapy for children with special needs.

Account with an interesting pedagogical experience as much in the province of Ja©n as in the province of Granada from the 2009.

Disandro, Mar­a Laura (musical Language)

Masters in Musical Patrimony by the University of Granada, Spain and Professor of Musical Composition by the National University of Cordoba, (Argentina). Also it has studied the race of Degree in Musical Composition in the National University of Cordoba, (Argentina) and has study of Western concert flute and guitar in the Provincial Conservatory F©lix T. Garz³n of the same city.
 It has participated in numerous courses, seminaries, forum and workshops taking classes with composers from international prestige as Mark Andr©, Michael Maierhof and Math­as Spahlinger. She has been Secretary of Administration and Coordination and Professor of Musical Language in the levels of ni±os/as, adolescents and adultos/as in center of Formation €œSuzuki Method€ pertaining to the Secretariat of Extension of the National University of Cordoba, (Argentina), from year 2010 to 2018. Also, it has dictated to the factory €œMusic and Games€ from year 2015 to 2017 pertaining to the Undersecretary's office of Promotion of the Rights Culturales and Popular Participation of the Ministry of Culture of the Argentina Nation based on the education of music through games and popular infantile songs promoting the musical stimulation and the transmission of the popular culture

Garcia Fernandez, Mª Purification (He violates)
Puri Garcia Fernandez, realises its studies of music in the Conservatory of Granada in the viola specialty. At the same time it makes studies in the University of Granada where it obtains the Degree in History and Sciences of the Music and the title of Teacher in the specialty of Musical Education.
It has participated in a project of educational innovation based on the development of the professional competitions of the teaching staff of music, from the curricular theory to the educational practice through the planning of the education-learning processes.
It has realised courses of prefeccionamiento and participated in Days and Seminaries such as the one of €œandalus­ Music in the kingdom of Granada€ organized by the Andalusian international day, Training center of €œMusic and presses€ - by the University of Granada, I course of Musical Analysis with professor Enrique Rueda, 10º and 15º courses of Technique and interpretation for stringed instruments in Toro (Zamora), international congresses of Music organized by UNESCO, musical advanced officer training course with Alan Kovacs, course and international festival of Music €œCity of Jamilena€ in the specialty of viola with professors Elena Gil and Roc­o G³mez, course of Music and Nature with Donald Lyons.
It obtains II the Prize in the modality of cord, II the Contest of Music of Camera.
He has been member of the choir of the Faculty of sciences of the Education and at the moment also it is it of the Young Symphony orchestra of Granada.
Turn Turns it, Juan Mar­a (Guitar)

Natural of Huetor Fertile valley (Granada) it begins to have the first contacts with the guitar of the hand of the guitarist Ramon of the Passage with that thoroughly studies the flamenco guitar before home the studies in the professional conservatory of music of Granada. 

Later one moves to Cordoba to continue the studies in the conservatory superior of this city and there, between years 2013 and 2019 it realises the double degree of flamenco guitar and flamencology receiving classes of guitarists as 

Manolo Franco, Daniel Navarro €œNi±o de Pura€, Paco Serrano and Antonio Luis L³pez. At the same time, during the course of his formation, he has realised different courses with other teachers of the guitar as Gerardo Nu±ez, Jos© Fernandez Torres

€œTomatito€ and Rafael Riqueni with whom it has been able to improve the touch of the guitar.

In the scope of the musical education, it maintains the contact with the courses and activities of Emilio Molina, founder and director of the IEM with which it has completed a formation specialized in giving to the best answer to the needs of each student, removing the maximum party to the creativity and the improvisation understood as control of the musical and instrumental language.

In parallel to all this stage of formation, Juan Mar­a has given classes of guitar and musical theory as much in Cordoba as in Granada in different centers from the 2016 arranging this educational activity with the artistic activity, acting in diverse points of Spanish geography as guitarist of concert and accompanying guitarist and participating in different contests from national level.

He obtains II the Prize in the modality of cord, II the Contest of Music of Camera.
He has been member of the choir of the Faculty of sciences of the Education and at the moment also he is it of the Young Symphony orchestra of Granada.
Gomez Rodriguez, Enrique (Saxophone)

He is born in Dangers (Granada) and to the 8 years begins his musical education in the Professional Conservatory of ngel Barrios Music of Granada in the saxophone specialty, receiving classes of Manuel Mart­n Esquivel, Luis Mariano Pozo Cuesta, Jos© Luis Garc­a Jim©nez and an advanced officer training course with Miguel Garrido (Professor of saxophone of Real Conservatorio Profesional de Mºsica €œManuel de Falla€ of Cadiz). Simultaneously he happens to comprise of Banda Municipal de Pulianas, where he receives classes of the hand of Alberto V­lchez Ib¡±ez.

In 2005 he is selected for the event of Nobel Music representing the conservatory in this act.

He participates in VII the contest of soloists of the ngel Barrios Conservatory in 2007 and receives the award to the €œArt€ that the most excellent City council of Pulianas organizes. In 2008 he comprises as soloist of the concert of soloists of the B.M.M.P and participates in the FEX, Extension of the Festival the International of Music and Dance of Granada. In 2009 he collaborates with Banda Municipal de Mºsica of Granada, in that same year participates in the concert €œTerry Riley: in C€ in center of Contemporary Art of Malaga.

In 2010 he already gets up himself to the Banda Sinf³nica of Granada under the baton of Mauricio Linari.  From year 2011 he happens to comprise of the Musical Group Jabac­n to the sax high and tenor.

Merlos Espinel, Mª Angustias (Piano)

Mª Angustias Merlos Espinel, originating from a family of musical tradition, receives his first classes of piano, at the age of six years, of the hand of its mother, pianist and professor. With eight years Victoria Eugenia€ of Granada entered the Conservatory Superior of Music €œ, obtaining the title of professor of piano in the same Centro.Compagina its studies of Right in the University of Granada with those of piano and when finishing the educational work in the matters of solf¨ge, harmony exerts them and piano, as well as it participates in diverse musical events as accompanying pianist. It completes his pian­stica formation with professors as Paloma Socias, Ramona Herrero and J. of Miguel, emphasizing his work with the teachers Javier Herreros and Claudio Mart­nez Mehner. From course 2002-2003 she is professor of piano of the Experimental School of Music.

M­nguez Diaz, Cristina (Violin)

It initiates his musical studies of the hand of his grandfathers, obtaining the title of professor of violin in the Conservatory of San Sebastian, with extraordinary prize when finalizing his studies. It continues his formation in different advanced officer training courses, where it knows the Christophe Blezien violinist, with that learns the violin­stica technique of the Russian school.

He has been concertino of the Orchestra of the Conservatory and the Colegium Musicum of Guipºzcoa, collaborating later with the Orchestra of Camera of San Sebastian and the Symphony orchestra of Bilbao.

In 1983 it gains by opposition a place in the Symphony orchestra of Euskadi, while it gives classes in the Municipal School Devastates to you musical.

In 1991 one moves to Granada where it comprises of the Orchestra City of Granada and Harmony String Ensemble.

It is graduated by the University of Granada in Teaching of Infantile Education and professor of the Experimental School of Music from his foundation.
At the moment it develops a project of early musical education, combining his passion by music and the education in the first childhood.

Oil mill Diaz, Mercedes (Accordion)

(Biscay) is born in Barakaldo and at the age of the 8 years it begins to receive academic classes of music. Outstanding student of professor Marian Ruiz Ezkizabel, participated in several contests obtaining different prizes from interpretation.  First prize as soloist in Euskadi. Also it gained the first prize in pair with another accordionist in the Reina Sofia de Madrid theater.

It completes his studies superiors in the conservatory superior of music of Barakaldo (Biscay).

It has taken part in great amount of concerts with the quintet of accordions of Biscay. In 2002 it determines his residence in Granada and it participates in diverse events and concerts, sometimes single and other times accompanied.

From course 2017-2018 it comprises of the equipment of professors of the Experimental School of Music.

Right Pe±alver, Laura (Piano)

 It begins his studies of piano in the Experimental School of Granada, which continues in the Professional Conservatory €œngel Barrios€ under the lessons of Javier Herreros. €œVictoria Eugenia€ completes its formation in the Conservatory Superior of Music of Granada where he receives the title superior in the specialty of piano in charge of professor Diego Jos© de Juan Rodr­guez. Esti Muusika finalizes its academic experience in the University of Estonian Music €œja Teatriakadeemia€ of Tallinn (Estonian) under the lessons of Peep Lassmann obtaining the masters of pian­stica interpretation. In Tallinn Olav Ehala receives his first classes of piano jazz under the direction of the Estonian pianist, a style that continues developing along with contemporary music.

Throughout his formation he has received skillful classes of ngel Sanzo, Mr. Lee Phillips, professor of the University of Luisiana (E.E.U.U) and Teppo Koivisto, professor of the Sibelius Academy of Helsinki, among others. He has realised advanced officer training courses in the specialty of music of camera with Mr. Avo Kuyumijan, professor of University of Music and Artes in Vienna and accompanying pianist with Roger Vignoles, who distributes its lessons in the Conservatory of Music of London.

During its race ngel Barrios€ of Granada obtains diverse decorations as II the prize in the category of piano in the eighth edition of the Contest of Soloists of the Professional Conservatory of Music €œ, as well as III the prize and special prize of the composer as accompanying pianist in the Contest of National Song of Estonia €œMaart Saar€. In 2016 he obtains the first prize in XVIII the Contest the International of Bands Villa de Aranda, Aranda de Duero (Burgos) along with Banda Municipal de Churriana of the Fertile valley.

Account with an ample repertoire that includes diverse musical styles as the classic one, the jazz and contemporary music, as well as an extensive repertoire of camera music and vocal and instrumental support. Estonia has participated in diverse concerts by Estonian geography, between which they emphasize his appearance in the national audience of Tallinn, €œtalveaias€ (botanical Garden of the national audience of Estonia), and in the Festival of Music of Suure Jaani, in addition to numerous activities in the Sala de Conciertos of the Academy of Music of Tallinn. It interprets as soloist the Rhapsody in Blue of Gershwin along with Banda Municipal de Churriana of the Fertile valley and participates in several occasions as soloist with the Banda Sinf³nica de Ja©n, between whom it emphasizes the inaugural concert of the festival of fantastic cinema of šbeda of 2019.

It owns an ample experience as professor and accompanying pianist of different specialties. Its work as educational one concentrates in the education of the diverse pian­sticos styles, in addition to the improvisation on different musical sorts fomenting the creativity from the students through knowledge of the harmony and the pian­stica technique.

Reznik, Andrei (Piano)
Been born in the Ukraine with German ancestry, graduated in piano €œsoloist€ by conservatory P.I. Tchaikovsky de Moscow (Musical University of the most credited of the world) is inheriting of the pian­stica school of the legendary teachers Neuhaus and Flier, studying with the famous musicians: V. Krainev, L. Vlasenko and S. Alumian. With time, it had his own disciples who now stand out in international contests.
Its international trajectory began an early age, when during three consecutive years, 1987 €“ 1989, were official pianist-companion of the national team of the USSR of sport rythmical gymnastics. This soloist has received and receives the most splendid critics by the diverse audiences, of Asia, Europe and America. Andrey Reznik is also a recognized composer and arranger.
From 1995 and during four years he worked as composer and arranger of the famous choreographic academy of the Theater Bolshoi de Moscow. The Argentine newspaper €œthe Tribuno€ wrote on a shining action in the Columbus Theater of Buenos Aires: €¦ €œand thanks to the adjustments of the teacher Reznik the Russian Ballet gained a very contemporary air progressively€.
Their symphonic works have been and are interpreted by famous institutions as: National orchestra of Russia (of under the baton of the teacher Mikhail Pletnev), Orchestra of the Bolshoi Theater of Moscow, Orchestra of the Theater €œColon€ of Buenos Aires (Argentina), Symphony orchestra of J¡rkov (the Ukraine) among others. Culture€ of the T.V of Moscow with its own works and musical subjects of special popularity in Russia and for a hearing of around ninety million people has worked during several years having musicalizando programs in the chain €œ. Andrey Reznik is at present elRepresentante Official in Spain of the State Conservatory P.I.Tchaikovsky of Moscow, director of the €œCycles of Cultural Collaboration producing Moscow-Andalusia€ as well as and director of the continuous international projects: €œYoung Brilliant€ and €œThree Ages of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Moscow€. From year 2002 it is titular pianist of the €œReal Festival Nacional Reyes of Spain€ (at the moment Real Festival Internacional) supported porS.S.M.M. Don Juan Carlos de Borb³n and Do±a Sof­a. He is frequently invited to distribute Master as much Classes in Spain as in Russia and counts on an ample discography, including also his own works published in Russia and projected in Spain. He has realised diverse recordings of Classic Music.
In Italy he has collaborated as soloist with the teacher Luis Carlos Bad­a and the Orchestra I Solisti Aquilani in the €œInternational Festival delle Citta Medievali€.
In December 2002 the Festival €œReyes de Espa±a€ grants the €œGold Standard to him€ by this institution, emphasizing it as member of honor. In October of 2006,€ Nikolay Rubinstein€ has been decorated with the medal, more important distinction that he grants State Conservatory Tchaikovsky, the Musical University of Moscow, by the fruitful work that he develops in Spain as ambassador of this center.
In May of 2009 it wore for the first time in Moscow by far success fantastic Concert for piano and orchestra of I. Alb©niz (Russian absolute opening) and in February of 2010 wore for the first time this work in the Ukraine.
In October of 2011 it obtains Diploma of Studies Advanced by the Department of Music of the University of Granada. At the moment it works as Head of the Department of piano and professor of music of camera in the Experimental School of Music of Granada and from year 2012 is collaborating of State University Humanitarian SHOLOKHOV of Moscow.



Sanchez Gonz¡lez, Immaculate (Song)

Immaculate SanchezImmaculate Sanchez Gonz¡lez is born in Granada. He finalizes his studies of song in the Conservatory Superior of Victoria Eugenia de Granada Music with professor Ana Huete.

He has participated in vocal repertoire and advanced officer training courses with Ana Luisa Chova, Lucia Fiori, Lola Arenas, David Maison, Andr©s Juncos, H©ctor Eliel M¡rquez, Francisco P©rez S¡nchez, Antonio Luciani, Siegfried Gohritz, Ulrich Vogel, Andrea Ambrosini.

Interpretation of the classic and romantic opera€ (Ja©n Young Opera) of the University of Ja©n with teachers as Carlos Chausson is selected for the Specialization courses €œ, Mª of Coral Morales Villar, Tete Cobo.

It has realised recites to them as soloist in the RCSM Victoria Eugenia de Granada, the Hall Plenary sessions of the City council of Granada and for Musical Youths of Granada. It participates in the Didactic Concerts and Familiar Concert €œPapageno looks for girlfriend€ next to the OCG, under the direction of Ignacio Garc­a Vidal in the Audience Manuel de Falla of Granada. Also it interprets smaller the No.2 Symphony in do of Gustav Mahler with the Choir of the OCG and the Schleswig-Holstein Orchestra Festival, under the direction of Christoph Eschenbach, in the Festival of Music and Dance of Granada. It wears for the first time €œromantic Trip to Granada€ of Ernesto Halffter next to the Orchestra of the UGR within the Festival of Music and Dance of Granada (FEX). It has sung the Mass of the Coronation of W.A. Mozart, Dido and Eneas (sorceress 2), Katiuska (Miska).

At the moment he is vocal of Musical Youths of Granada and comprises of the Choir of Opera of Musical Youths of Granada.

Shepel, Iryna (Piano)

Iryna Shepel, Ukrainian, realises its studies of piano in the State Conservatory Superior of Astrakhan (Russia) between years 1976 and 1981 obtaining the title of piano professor superior. It also attends the studies superiors of accompanying pianist for Orchestra of Camera in the Conservatory of Grozny (Russia).

It has realised advanced officer training courses de between which we can mention the one of Music for piano (Schubert and Schumann) in Chernigov (the Ukraine) or the one of German vocal Music in center of German Culture in Engels.

It has published a methodology of the education of the techniques of piano in the School of Music of Tiraspol (Moldova).

Its work as piano professor is very ample, having given classes in Poltava (the Ukraine), Tiraspol (Moldova), Kiajta (Russia), Berlin, Astrakhan (Russia) and in Grozny, also in Russia.

For several years it lives in Spain where it has worked as accompanying pianist and professor of piano, activity in which it has already more than 25 years of experience.

Zegr­ Mu±oz, Lucas (Battery)

It begins to give classes of battery with Sergio D­az to the 7 years. To the 8 years it enters the conservatory until finishing the average degree in the 2016, receiving when finalizing this one some classes of Miguel Morales. Once concluded this professional degree, one concentrates in the battery investigating by worlds of Afro-Cuban music and enters to comprise of the Yahl© band.

By this time it is entered in the cultural association Sambiosis, knowing Cuni Mantilla, Jesºs Santiago and Miguel de Gemma here, that were and continue being a source of human and musical inspiration.

More ahead, it begins to receive classes of Dani Dom­nguez, battery that has influenced very directly in its form to conceive music and the instrument.

In the 2018, one moves to Cuba where it continues his studies with the batteries Oliver Vald©s and Rodney Barreto.

From return to Granada one gets up groups as: Yahl©, Afro Rua, Jacob Arch, PeroPaKePo Jazz Tr­o, Tl¶n, Astronotas, Ovejazz, Kamb³, Groupo Maloca, etc